Spectacular Prague! A mix of ancient, old, and new; traditional, modern, the avant-garde; gothic, classical, nouveau, deco; dark, and gloomy, bright, shiny and sparklie. What I didn’t see was anything unadorned…plain, simple or sweet! Everything is created with a flourish—the music, the art, the architecture, the exquisite food presentations! Much like a Flo Ziegfeld production, or the Folies Bergère!

Since 2013, I’ve been to Prague three times. If in Europe, we’ll always find a way to visit. Even if it’s off the course of our intended destination, we’ll juggle the plans a bit, and work a stop in Prague into the itinerary. Being in Prague, one of the most picturesque cities, gives us such pleasure, Gitiim and I simply indulge our passion for that magical city! Like New York City, Prague is a vital town. Compact, it’s easy to navigate, there is always plenty to do, and discoveries to be made.

In the same way, whenever we are in Prague, we indulge ourselves with frequent visits to Les Moules. On our first visit to Prague, we had been out for hours on a walking tour—no formal tour with a guide, or anything—and after covering nearly every square foot of Old Town Square, taking a stroll along fashionable Parizska Street, we happened upon Belgian seafood restaurant, Mussels. At 4 in the afternoon—too early for dinner—we wandered into this nearly empty restaurant, seeking a quiet spot to rest, a cool drink, and a little something to tie us over until dinner that evening. We ordered salads, and lemonade that arrived in a pitcher chocked full of citrus—sliced limes & lemons—and fresh mint leaves. So refreshing, before leaving, we took a glance at the menu again, to see what was for dinner. We had a 7 o’clock concert at the Rudolfinum to attend, but we decided to reserve a table for later that evening. So, that was the beginning of our bond with Les Moules. Before our departure, we returned again for dinner, and thereafter, on each revisit to Prague, going back to Les Moules was celebrated like a homecoming.

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Detail of façade, Ministry of Regional Development – Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic

— Façade detail – Ministry of Regional Development – Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic 

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